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Right of withdrawal pursuant to article 64 and following of Italian Legislative Decree no.206/2005 206/2005
1. If the Customer is a consumer (a natural person who does not purchase the goods for purposes related to his or her business or trade, in other words, does not enter a VAT number in the Molino Gaetano Roccasalva order form when making the purchase), he or she has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without a penalty and without prejudice to the provisions of point 3 below. Only natural persons (consumers) are entitled to this right, therefore, the right cannot be exercised by legal entities or natural persons who are acting for purposes related to their business or trade. To exercise the right of withdrawal, a written notice must be sent to the headquarters of Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl, by certified mail with return receipt requested, peremptorily within the term of 10 (ten) days of receiving the goods. The notice may also be sent by telegram, telex, electronic mail or fax within the same term, provided that it is confirmed via certified mail with return receipt requested within the next forty-eight hours. The notice will be considered as delivered on time if postmarked by the receiving post office within the term set forth in the code or in the contract, if different.

2. To exercise such right, you must sent a request of withdrawal by email to [email protected]; the request must also include your bank coordinates, needed in order to refund the amounts paid. The system will email you a form, which you must print and send by certified mail with return receipt requested within 10 days of receiving the goods, to: Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl, C.da San Filippo, 97015 Modica (RG) – Italy. Once it receives the certified mail, Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl will email you a right of withdrawal exercise form bearing the authorisation number. You must attach this form to the outside of the package containing the product and ship the package to Molino Gaetano Roccasalva within 10 days of receiving the authorisation.

3. The following mandatory conditions must be met in order to exercise the right of withdrawal:
• the right applies to the purchased product in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal only on part of the product purchased;
• the right applies only to unopened products;
• the purchased product must be intact and returned in its original packaging, with all of its component parts (including packaging, documentation, accessories: refill); in order to limit the damage to the original packaging, we recommend, where possible, putting it inside a second box, which will contain the printed copy of the return authorisation issued by Molino Gaetano Roccasalva; do not attach labels or adhesive tape to the product’s original packaging;
• the reference of the goods on which the right of withdrawal is being exercised must be the same as that on Molino Gaetano Roccasalva’s invoice; if the goods have a different reference than on the invoice, the return will not be accepted and the product will be made available to you for pick up, simultaneously cancelling the request of withdrawal;
• shipping expenses for the return of the goods are the Customer’s responsibility (N.B.: if the value of the goods is particularly high, we recommend using a trustworthy express carrier with shipment tracking and insurance coverage service);
• the shipment is the customer’s responsibility until it reaches our warehouse;
• if the goods are damaged during transit, Molino Gaetano Roccasalva will notify the Customer (within 5 business days of receiving the goods at its warehouse) to enable him or her to immediately file a claim with his or her chosen carrier and get reimbursed for the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the goods will be made available to the Customer for pick-up and, at the same time, the request of withdrawal will be cancelled;
• Molino Gaetano Roccasalva is not responsible in any way for damaged, stolen and/or lost returned goods shipped uninsured.

4. Aside from the expenses that may be charged to restore any original packaging proven to be damaged, Molino Gaetano Roccasalva will refund the paid amount (excluding shipping charges) by reversal payment to the Credit Card or by Wire Transfer within 14 days of receiving the returned goods. In the latter case, you must promptly provide your bank coordinates ( IBAN International Bank Account Number).

5. Your right of withdrawal will be forfeited due to the goods (packaging and/or its contents) not being in a perfect condition, if Molino Gaetano Roccasalva verifies that:
• the authorisation form issued by Molino Gaetano Roccasalva via email after receiving the customer’s request is missing from the package;
• the original external and/or internal packaging is missing;
• the product is damaged due to reasons other than shipping damage.
In case of loss of the right of withdrawal, Molino Gaetano Roccasalva will return the goods purchased to the sender, who will be charged for the shipping fees.

The products purchased from the Site are subject to the provisions, as applicable, of articles 128 and following of Italian Legislative Decree 206/05 on sales contracts and warranties of consumer goods.
Such warranty will apply to any product presenting defects of conformity and/or malfunctions that could not be detected at the time of the purchase, provided that the product is used in the correct manner and with due care, in other words, in a manner consistent with its intended use and in compliance with the instructions and operation rules in the technical documentation provided, if any.
In case of a defective product, you are invited to send the product to Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl, C.da San Filippo, 97015 Modica (RG) – Italy using a Carrier of your choice or your local postal service; be sure to pack it carefully using the product’s original packaging and to include the “Defective Product Replacement Form”, filled out in its entirety, along with a copy of the invoice.
Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl will ship out the replacement product only after receiving the defective product and the above-mentioned documents filled out correctly.
If the Product is no longer available, Molino Gaetano Roccasalva srl will refund the cost specified in the purchase order and the first shipping charges with a wire transfer within 14 business days of receiving the defective Product.